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Old Friedland Libra Range Old Friedland Libra Range
The Friedland Libra Range - Discontinued

The Libra range was produced for some 7 years, and was discontinued around June 2006. The range was very popular, and offered a selection of both plug-in and portable models, with distances from 50metres to 200 metres.

Unfortunately, Friedland do not offer any spares for this range, and it is impossible to obtain new bell push buttons, or separate chimes. If however the chime is under 3 years old, and it has proven to be faulty, it may be possible to obtain a complete new chime under warranty directly from Friedland. It will be necessary to have a receipt as evidence. If Friedland accept an item under warranty, they are likely to replace the chime or bell push with a complete new chime kit from their Evo range. The contact details for Friedland are:

Friedland Contact Details
Web Site
01268 563066

The bell pushes buttons in this range have a small 20p coin sized battery, Code CR2032, which can sometimes be difficult to obtain. They are however available on this web site as code SX-100 (a pack of 2). It is quite common to find that reason for failure of a chime system, is that the bell push button battery needs replacing. The bell push button can, over time, become temperature sensitive, and refuse to work in the cold, - a problem which cannot be solved.

The chimes and bell pushes in this range, have small switches in each unit, which must be matched for the system to work properly. The choice of different positions of the switches, are there to prevent clashes with neighbours chimes. There is also a separate button in the bell push, which is used to select the sound the chime makes. The chimes have a choice of between 2 and 4 chime sounds, depending on the model.

Libra Model Numbers and Instruction leaflets

Model D260 Bell Push Button
Model D261 Bell Push Button

Model D280 50m portable chime Unit

Model D281 50m portable chime unit
Model D284 100m portable chime unit
Model D285 100m portable chime unit
Model D286 200m portable chime unit
Model D289 50m plug-in chime unit
Model D271 Wired to wirefree extender

Friedland have replaced the old Libra range with both the Evo and Libra+ range. These new ranges are not compatible with the old Libra range. The Evo range, which is also compatible with the Decor range of wall mounted chimes, and Visiocam system, uses a self detecting system, rather than switch settings to detect the bell push buttons. The new Libra+ range operates on a different, less crowded, frequency.