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Byron Doorbells - Introduction

Byron have been supplying doorbells for over 100 years, originally from Birmingham, but now supplied from Bromsgrove. They supply both Wireless and Wired doorbells, together with all the accessories needed.

Byron are known for the broad range of their products, from contemporary design to traditional, some of which have been in production for more than 50 years. The wireless products come in 5 ranges, - SX Wireless Range, the SXi Wireless Range,the BY Wireless Range, the Period Wireless Range, and Period Wired Range and the Traditional Mechanical Range, rung by Pulley and Cable. The Wireless ranges come in Portable, Plug-in and Wall Mounted versions.

All products in all ranges have good quality sound, and are normally provided with between 1 to 8 inbuilt chime sounds. We allow you to sample the sounds on our website when you link to the doorbell specifications of each model. Within the SXi range there is a choice of attractive bell push buttons. the SX-39 (brass) the SX-38BN (brushed Nickel) and SX-38(chrome) pushes offer an attractive choice for the SXi wireless products. Within the the SXi and BY ranges there are twin packs where 2 chimes can be rung from a single bell push, and within the SX and SXi range there are chime kits that include a wired to wirefree extender model SX-32. These extenders will send a wireless signal when linked to a traditional wired bell push button, or a wired bell system.

There are also Wired Doorbell systems, which can be powered by batteries, or connected to the mains via a transformer. The transformer should have an 8v a/c output, and supply 1 amp. We supply the model 7770 transformer to suit. Some doorbells can only be powered by batteries, others only by transformers, and some have the option of being powered by either transormer or battery. All wired and wireless units that provide at least 2 chime sounds, will offer a front door/ back door operation, so that if these doorbells are linked to 2 bell pushes, a different sound can be made depending on which bell push is pressed.

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