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Doorbells and Chimes Online

DoorchimesUk provide a complete range of Door Chimes, Doorbells and Bell Pushes. We provide both wired and wireless bells and chimes. The major makes we supply are Friedland, Byron, Grothe and Jacob Jensen. We have advice for those who need a Garden Office Doorbell and those he wish to have particularly Loud Doorbells, and also general Technical Information on installation. We also supply Wired Door Phones, and Wireless Door Phones which also act as doorbells.

Wireless Type - Installing wirefree doorbells, or door chimes, in your home is an easy DIY process that requires no drilling or cabling. Simply install batteries into the bell push and chime, (or plug-in to a mains socket) and the system is ready to sound. A variety of styles & options are available, ranging from economy models and musical doorbells, to sophisticated multi-location models that ring with different sounds. Up to 8 sound options may be available. Some Chimes have additional features, such as a rechargeable unit, and the ability to download and play your own 15 second sound. There are battery portable, battery wall mounted, and plug-in models, some with a flashing light alert.

Most wireless ranges of doorbells or door chimes can be expanded by adding additional chimes (to hear the sound in another location) or bell pushes (to hear different sounds at your front & back door.). If you want to keep your existing wired bell push but need a wireless doorbell, there are extenders which convert a wired signal into a wirefree signal. There are Home and Garden kits with 1 bell push, a plug-in chime and a 200 meter portable chime, and several other twin packs. The distance ranges are generally stated as 50 meter, 100 meter and 200 meter. These are Open Field distances, which are generally much reduced when passing through walls, or areas where metal will shield the signal. As a general rule 50 meter chimes and doorbells would be used in reception areas and porches, 100 meter chimes further in the property or upstairs, and 200 meter chimes in outhouses or as a portable garden chimes.[ Click here for Wireless Doorbells Explained ]

GSM Doorbells - We also supply the inexpensive new GSM doorbells from Smartbel, which will allow you to be rung on your mobile phone, and to talk to your vistors on your mobile. Smartbel will also link into commonly used home and business DECT phone systems. With a Smartbel doorbell, you can talk to your visitor from anywhere in the world, to re-arrange or re-direct deliveries or just explain that it will take you 30 seconds to get to the front door.

Wired - We have a range of wired doorbells. These units can generally be powered by batteries or an 8 volt transformer. We also have a range of over 60 wired bell pushes to go with our wired chimes. The non-illuminated bell pushes can also be used with wired to wirefree extenders, for use with wireless bells and chimes.

What do I want to have, or to do? - Click on the question for an answer

arrowI want an old fashioned Wind-Up Mechanical Doorbell, that I can attach to the door.

arrowI want a Portable Wireless Chime that I can take out to the Garden.

arrowI want a Plug-in Wireless Chime so I do not have to buy batteries.

arrowI want a to speak to my visitor on my phone before I open the door

arrowI want a Wall Mounted Chime

arrowI want a Very Long Distance Wireless Chime Kit

arrowI have a Garden Office, and I want to hear the front doorbell

arrowI need some general information on Wireless Doorbells

arrowI want a Wired Wall Mounted Chime

arrowI want a Contemporary wireless Chime design

arrowI want a Wireless Chime that can play my own Recorded sounds

arrow I am looking for a Friedland Doorbell or Friedland Spares.

arrow I am looking for a Byron Doorbell or Byron Spares.

arrowI want to have several Wireless chimes that work with 1 bell push

arrowI want to keep my existing wired bell push but extend it with a Wireless chime

arrowI want a Wireless Door Bell which sounds like a Bell rather than a chime.

arrowI want an Old Fashioned Butlers Bell with a Pulley and Cable Mechanism

arrowI am looking for a Loud Doorbell.

arrowI want a shop bell, or something to warn me that a person has entered my premises.

arrowI want a new Wired Bell Push Button.
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